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Information on Muggle Society

Muggle society after Grindelwald's raise to power has changed history and even how the muggle and wizard societies interact. Since the muggles know of magic since 1950, this changes things.

Muggleborns: As of the 1931 school year, muggleborns were no longer accepted into Hogwarts. Any muggleborn in Hogwarts at the time was able to finish, however, they were treated as outcasts and could hardly find jobs upon leaving school. It was a cruel word for those muggleborns - unable to fit into either world anymore. Muggleborns born after 1920 were no longer welcome or even told about Hogwarts as wizards. It wasn't until 1950 that they knew of the school as other muggles do, when muggle society as a whole found out about magic, they discovered Hogwarts was a school to train witches and wizards where muggles (and muggleborns now) were unwelcome.

This extends to anyone from born from 1920 on that were raised by muggles. They were treated as muggleborns even if one of their parents was pure- or half-blood. If the muggle or muggleborn parent did not raise the child, but the 'known' magical parent did, it would not effect them. For example, Tom Riddle was found and raised in a muggle orphan before attending Hogwarts. This would mean he was never accepted into Hogwarts. In the government and school's eyes, he would have been equal to a muggle.

There are muggle schools and university funded by the government, but they are of a lower class. Not much is placed in the future of muggle society nor in their ability to be productive members of any importance of the society. However, they are not denied the basic right of school. It just a lower standard to meet, less muggles graduate, colleges/universities are of lower number and there are less aid by the government to help pay for muggles to go.

A short list of those that this effects known in canon: Hermione Granger, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Lily Evans, Ted Tonks, Tom Riddle, Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, (history subject to change depending on parents' histories in game).

Paperwork: Due to Gellert's restrictions on muggleborns and muggles, all witches and wizards have paperwork confirming who they are (a witch/wizard acknowledged by the government). This means that no muggleborn has this paperwork. It has charms and hexes and cannot be reproduced. There are also school records of who went to Hogwarts when and graduated, OWLs and NEWTs, and those things. There is almost no way for a muggleborn to actually infiltrate into the wizarding society completely. Yes, if someone tells them, they can work their way into Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and even the Ministry of Magic with aide of a registered wizard or witch, but if someone checks on them, they will be found out.

Muggleborns have also been asked to register with the government in game. Not everyone has, clearly. In fact, most are very much opposed. But due to this, the paperwork has increased as long with the risks and dangers of venturing into the wizarding world. Some muggleborns are trained, but there is only so much one can pretend to know about actual wizarding society and if they don't have the paperwork and the education (and the knowledge of said education) to back it up, they will be detained, questioned, and perhaps go to Azkaban depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind it would be really hard for someone to try to fake going to Hogwarts, because even if someone who would be in your year tells you everyone's names (and even personalities) those who never met you due to not going to the school would not know who you are (except the person who told you to begin with) and there will be no records of your stay there.

Muggle Technology: Muggle technology was only developed after the 1940s the way Grindelwald wanted it to. The last car that was made was in 1951 and reproduced sparingly from then on. Any recreational technology (devices besides record players that play music, television beyond the 1950s, and videos games for example) were not created or allowed in Britain or any country that he had control over. The countries under his control were left stuck in the 1950s throughout the next 50 years. Grindelwald, for example, uses a car to attend many muggle functions he has to for appearances' sake only.

The mail service remained separate for wizards and muggles. Wizards use owls while muggles use normal mail that they always have.

Subject to be edited.

AllowedNot Allowed
- land lines
- television (for shows thing of the 50s sitcoms; clean cut and low budget but yes, colored)
- any medicine that is beneficial for health (yes, muggle and yes, psychological and anything else. This is not seen as a luxury. Letting the muggles drop dead when there is treatment for them out there would look bad on Gellert.)
- only film cameras (they can be disposal, but not digital)
- records for music (but all music is allowed from those in the 50s to those in 2000s as long as it doesn't speak bad about magic/Gellert or encourage a muggle upraising. If you want your character to know who ABBA is, do so. If you want your character to know every song by an 80s hair band, that's okay too.)
- The Tube/Subway and a bus system

- cellphones, PDAs, ect.
- mp3 players/ipods
- cds or cassette tapes
- cd players, walkmans, anything else that is portal music device
- dvds or vhses
- camcorders or digital cameras
- computers and the internet (this includes public use of either of them in libraries or cafes since internet cafes were springing up in the 1990s)
- video games of any kind
- cars are only for the elite; that is why the bus service, the Tube/subway, and walking is the transportation muggles use unless cleared with a mod. There are no taxis for the reason of not having cars readily available.

Anti-Wizard Groups: There are very passionate and hateful anti-wizard groups. They use muggleborns as examples, as well as go after known wizards themselves. The climate between the wizard and muggle worlds are not equal or nice. Most muggles look at wizards with hate and visa versa. There are discrimination for both wizards and muggles; though wizards are harder to publicly discriminate against unless in a primarily muggle and non-government place.

One anti-wizard group named in gameplay:

People Against Magic (PAM): Evan Williams, Kurt Teller (NPC), Samuel Hyde, Tristan Wright, Jennifer Darling, currently casting

Muggles do kill wizards out of hatred, and wizards kill muggles out of hatred. If a muggle is found killing a wizard or having killed one, they do not get a fair trail by any means. They are sentenced to death, no questions asked. Wizards killing a muggle however are overlooked like muggle deaths mean nothing and those killed are not human. This creates even more animosity between the two societies.

Information on Getting a Muggleborn into Wizarding Society: Muggleborns are not welcome into the wizarding world as a whole any longer. They are treated equal to muggles, denied training of their magic including wands, and overlooked. However, since the beginning of the 1960s when it was formed, some fractures of the Class of the Chrysanthemum have found muggleborns and taken them under their wing, getting them a wand in another country, training and housing them until they can take care of themselves when they normally leave the country. Some muggleborns stay within the Class after the training is complete to 'fight'. Some muggles have found the Class of the Chrysanthemum through muggleborn friends and family members. It is not all hate, just mostly.

Other muggleborns from countries not under Grindelwald's rule are trained like in canon, accepted into the school and properly given a wand and welcome to the wizarding world. Many wizards in Britiain, including Grindelwald think this is wrong and there are laws passed to try to keep them from the countries in his control. He does not want a foreign muggleborn uprising in his boundaries.

Canons This Will Effect: Already stated in canon muggleborns this will effect like Lily Evans, Hermione Granger, and Ted Tonks. They would not have attended Hogwarts and would be treated like muggles by wizarding society. However, seeing how the other writer feelings, things like Lily and Severus knowing each other before Hogwarts is possible. Canon children by muggleborns like Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks is up to the first writer in the family. It's likely they will change.

For more information on the Class of the Chrysanthemum for a muggleborn character, please view the information given.