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Information on the Class of the Chrysanthemum

Basic History: As touched on on the premise, the Class of the Chrysanthemum was started by Cassiopedia Black around 1962. The exact year of it's formation is unknown due to the secretive and discreet nature of the rebel group. However, it's safe to say that it was started back in 1950 or a few years later with her gathering members in secret. A vague mention of not believing in Grindelwald's philosophies and government here and there, a remark of the boredom of politics to incite a heated debate she could gauge how strongly they believed or didn't believe... Cassiopedia was a strong, unmarried woman who was supposed to be taught the importance of pureblood from a young age by her parents, Cygunus and Violetta (nee Bulstrode) Black. The Blacks are a long line of pureblood believers and follows of Grindelwald. Even before it became law, that is how they believed. Cassoipedia, however, did not believe any of this. In words of the late Black, she thought it was "utter rubbish and a way to make yourself feel better about yourself when you know you are unworthy". They used the Fidelius Charm as well as other charms for tricky and deception for meeting and planning. They spoke not of the Class to anyone who was not a known member. Secrecy became a way of life, fearing for their lives.

More Detailed History: In 1962, they made their first move, outing themselves as a rebel group. Those captured were sentenced to death or death row in an imprisonment camp to be executed at a later date. Most, if not all, did. A few escaped, but they had to flee the country without hesitation as a bounty was on their head for their immediate death upon sighting. There were a few isolated and scattered attempts of treason during the next five years, but it wasn't until 1967 that the Class of the Chrysanthemum truly became what it is now. In 1967, the Class of the Chrysanthemum made an attempt on Grindelwald's life. Cassiopedia, with all the plans in place including a way out if they didn't achieve their goal, made the attempt personally on the dictator. Ultimately, it was the Class of the Chrysanthemum that lost that night. In addiction to a lost that scattered members and shattered their resolve, they lost their leader. Grindelwald killed Cassiopedia himself. Cassiopedia was the Secret Keeper for the Class, having formed it herself. With her death all members became the Secret Keepers. This split the Class in a way that could not be repaired in the 40 odd years that followed.

Now with the Class of the Chrysanthemum in factions it has became more of an idea than an organization. Many hold that one day a leader will raise up and unite everyone, but it seems unlikely when no one knows who to trust. The moment you are caught as a member, you may as well sign your own death warrant. The Class, however, finds on it in its own way. The many factions leave the members countless, undetectable and untouchable. Individuals raise up to lead one faction, but they never know who is in another. The members' nature is very distrusting and discreet, even hiding behind jobs at the Ministry. These are not spies; however, they do pass along information to their own faction if they feel it might be useful as is the nature of a rebel group.

In Game Play: In play, there will be (at least at first) four factions of the Class of the Chrysanthemum. Each faction has a "code name" which is a color to vaguely symbolize their ideologies. Each faction has it's own set of beliefs. No longer ran by one person as a whole organization, they have adapted and changed. Some are less into freeing muggles, muggleborns, and wizards alike from Grindelwald's rule but more interested in freeing themselves. Some factions are known to help muggles and muggleborns alike.

Leaders of the factions or any high-tier, long standing members cannot be members of Gellert's department at the Ministry or a department head at the Ministry. Leaders of the factions must be old enough, this is up to the mod's discretion.

Allied factions not necessary agree or like each other. Part of allied with another faction is to increase their power and hold on themselves. Just because your character is a member of an allied faction does not mean they are friends with other members of the allied faction. There are tells for who is a member of each faction. However, ONLY those in the factions know of these tells. Two factions in the games are "allies" and would know the tells of the other faction, but no one else. No one in Gellert's government knows. No one who is not a member of that faction or an allied faction.

The Turquoise Faction The Gold Faction
The members help muggleborns and welcome them into their ranks officially when they are trained if they want. If a muggleborn does not want to join them, the members of this faction helps them leave the country. They are strive for the utopia of everyone - magical and muggle - being equal.

Tell: for men: a gold tie clip with a solid black dot and for woman: a gold broach with a solid black dot
Leader: Lily Evans
Members: Mandy Brocklehurst, Malachi Lestrange, April Brocklehurst (NPC), currently casting
Allied Faction: The Purple faction
The members of this faction are elite, rich members of society. Normally from old pureblood families, that like Cassiopedia herself, did not believe what they were taught at a young age. They try to hold standards for themselves it all they do, including their illegal activity. They help muggleborns receive wands and train them, but muggleborns and muggles are not welcome in their ranks for any reason. Once trained, they are sent to another country. They even fancy themselves better than other factions.

Tell: a solid gold pin attached the their collar
Leader: TBA
Members: currently casting
Former Members: Arcturus Greengrass, Helena Greengrass
Deceased Members: Alexandria Lestrange, Arthur Weasley
Allied Faction: The Beige faction
The Purple Faction The Beige Faction
The members take a subdued mindset. They not believe in death for death's sake. They help muggleborns and get them out of the country. If the muggleborn insists that they stay in the country, they take precautions for the muggleborns safety, even trying to convince them to get their family into hiding as well. They are the most peace seeking faction, wanting the utopia but not wanting to have to kill any innocent person for their goal.

Tell: a white lily tattoo on some part of their body invisible with clothes
Leader: Thalia Lestrange
Members: Cedric Diggory, currently casting
Allied Faction: The Turquoise faction
The members are the get the work down by any means faction. They are the only faction who's members (not all of them, but some of them) perform hate crimes against muggles. They refuse to help muggleborns for any reason. They are the most extreme and aggressive members of any factions. They are looked down upon by all factions in play but their own, including their allied faction.

Tell: none
Former Leader: Bellatrix Black (died October 2000)
Leader: Maddox Avery
Members: Molly Weasley, Demelza Robins, currently casting
Former Members: Tean Robins, Kayna Robins
Allied Faction: The Gold Faction

Due to wanting the drama of the distrusting nature, the mods would like to spread out the members. Unless it becomes a problem in the future with everyone gravitating to one or two and the others ignored or member-less, we will not place your character. However, think carefully of what your character feels. Not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone believes the same. Not everyone fights the same. Choose carefully and wisely. If you want your character caught as a member, be prepared for the death. It will almost always end in death unless you work it out with the mods to be otherwise. This will not be a common occurrence, however. Do not bet on working out a way for your character to be caught and not killed with a mod.