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Note when writing histories or character sheets: "Defense Against the Dark Arts" has been changed to simple "Dark Arts" where the professor teaches the Dark Arts, not how to defend against them.

Character Sheet )
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Please fill in the application completely and send it to mapsmods@gmail.com. Thank you.

This is not an open app game. You must be invited by one of the current players to apply. You must supply their name. No, they don't need to tell the mods beforehand as long as you can supply a name and if the mod chooses to ask (it won't be always) they have to be willing to admit they know you and vouch for you.

Note when writing histories or character sheets: "Defense Against the Dark Arts" has been changed to simple "Dark Arts" where the professor teaches the Dark Arts, not how to defend against them.

Also do not include names of any characters in an application unless they are your character's immediate family or married in canon (and still married in the AU setting/up for their backstory when effect by AU to be stated). On the same note, if you wish to speak to a writer of a current character to work out a backstory, you may.

About The Writer:

AIM and/or YIM:
Time Zone:
Birthday (all writers must be 18 or older):
Availability for playing:
Previous roleplaying experience if any:
Who invited you?

About The Character:

Name of Character:
Quote: For your under your character on the cast page. It can be anything from something you make up, to lyrics, to a famous quote, a proverb or saying, or anything else.
Journal: You can make it beforehand or you can wait until acceptance. Either way, please list the name so we know what journal to expect to friend journals and join the comms after acceptance. If it changes, let the mods know so we can still be prepared. Thank you!

Physical Appearance Description: One paragraph minimum
PB choice if you have one:

Personality Description: Two paragraphs minimum

Brief History of Character: three paragraph minimum, include their loyalty and be sure to include anything of important pertaining to Gellert's rule and the current state of the world.

While this game is currently set in the year 2002, the game in completely AU in nature. In this world, Gellert Grindelwald gained control and Lord Voldemort never rose to power or tried. There are no Death Eaters while the closest thing are those who are supports of Grindelwald; there is no Order of the Phoenix with Dumbledore as their leader, but instead there are small factions of the Class of the Chrysanthemum that was created. Where do you see your character fitting? If your character's history strays from canon for any reason, this is a place to explain that more fully. Two paragraph minimum

Are there any personal or overall plots that you'd like to see your character in? Are you open to certain types of plots, but not others? Please explain any ideas you come into the game with while following the AU world and the rules.

How often are you available for participate in a thread?

Please provide us with a sample post of your character, set in this AU, that is between 300 to 500 words, written in third person past tense as the game is written in.
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Comment with characters you want to see in the game. Use the following format to make the requests.

For example (completely fictional and non-game play compliant example. Albus and Ariana Dumbledore are dead in game):

Character Requested: Albus Dumbledore
Relationship to Character Written by Requester: Lover of Gellert Grindelwald
Other Information: Gellert wants his lover in play. Albus is an Unspeakable and Gellert had been seeing on and off for years when they are both in London.


Character Requested: Ariana Dumbledore
Relationship to Character Written by Requester: Sister of Albus Dumbledore.
Other Information: Albus is very protective of Ariana. He'd love to interact with his sister and be able to see and talk to her.

"Other Information" may be as little or as much as you like. However, if you plan out every detail of the character, it limits creative freedom so try to be fair. You may suggest a pb (the applier won't be obligated to use it).
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(Keep in mind there are no Death Eaters in this game, and those who were imprisoned after the first wizarding world may never have been in prison at all.)

Guidelines on AU Canon Families:

- If they have a child or more in canon, ONE parent must have the child/children (of the same given name; the surname may change depending on the circumstances and born in the same year). If the first canon parent comes in that doesn't have the child, the second MUST. (The only exception is Teddy Lupin and the Weasley grandchildren because he was born very late in canon.)
- You must follow what's already planned for the family. If you fail to, the mods will reject the application or speak to you about changing it. If you cannot adhere to the already AU nature of the family, then simple apply for a different character. If you really want a character with a AU history you want to work with but perhaps bring a spin to, then ask the mods beforehand and we'll try to work it out between you and the current writer if possible. But it's truly first come first serve, so if they don't want to work it out, your idea will be rejected.

Character sheets of those in game are linked. That way the person should and can go look at the character sheet for more information about the people/person in their potential characters family.

Family Info )
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Besides those listed, there are a plethora of places your character can work. This website is a good source to look to for more interesting and jobs and places for jobs.

Leaders of the factions or any high-tier, long standing members cannot be members of Gellert's department at the Ministry or a department head at the Ministry (and 35-years-old or older to be a department head at all).

The List of Jobs Taken )
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A hold is lasts a week. You are welcome to place a hold on a pb with the character hold if you'd like. One may only get an extension on a hold for three days.

Please remember to check out the information post about canon families in the AU world if a character is part of a family already placed in the game.

All canon sexualities are being enforced. This includes epilogue and interviews from Rowling (Weasley family tree? Yes, that counts. Black family tree? That's both canon and fandom and counts).

No one under the age of 17 in 2002, graduated from Hogwarts, is listed. If you have an idea for them or any other character that is not listed, email the mods before applying. (If the character was said to be a student in the 1990s with no date of graduation, as long as you have been out of school, they are free reign.) If you want to include a character who is underage for a plot or backstory, you may however. You may be NPCing any time they are around or someone can use the NPC journal to do so. Unless approved by the mod, with a plot and reason, there should be no character under the age of 17 with their own journals. And they should be at at Hogwarts during the school year. Not every other character in the books are listed. If you want to apply for someone who is not listed, look up their history, make sure they are indeed available and apply.

Original characters are welcome.

Italics indicates character is on hold. (No challenges are accepted - whether it be holds or applications.).
* indicates an OC created for the AU nature of the game. Their background are found are the information about canon families in the AU world page.
+ indicates information on the entry about canon families in the AU world.
W indicates a character requested on the wanted characters pages. The W is a link to the particular comment with the information on the requested character.
M indicates a character is a muggle.

Abbott, Hannah
Abbott, Mrs.
Aubrey, Bertram
Bagman, Ludovic
Bagman, Otto
Bagnold, Millicent
Belby, Marcus
Belcher, Humphrey
Birch, Brevis
Black, Regulus
Black, Sirius
Black, Tatiana * +
Blenkinsop, Barnabus
Blenkinsop, Timothy
Bletchley (given name unknown)
Bletchley, Miles
Bobbin, Melinda
Bode, Broderick
Bones, Amelia
Bones, Edgar
Bones, Mrs.
Bones, Susan
Boot, Terry
Borgin (given name unknown)
Bradley (given name unknown)
Bulstrode, Millicent
Bundy, K.
Burbage, Charity
Burke, Caractacus
Cadwallader (given name unknown)
Capper, S.
Carmichael, Eddie
Carrow, Alecto
Carrow, Amycus
Chambers (given name unknown)
Chang, Cho
Clearwater, Penelope
Corner, Michael
Crabbe, Mr.
Crabbe, Vincent
Cresswell, Dirk
Crockford, Doris
Crouch, Bartemius (Sr.)
Crouch, Bartemius (Jr.)
Crouch, Mrs.
Davis, Tracey
Davies, Roger
Dawlish, John
Dearborn, Caradoc
Delacour, Apolline
Delacour, Fleur
Delacour, Monsieur (given name unknown)
Derrick (given name unknown)
Diggle, Dedalus
Diggory, Amos
Diggory, Mrs. (given name unknown)
Dingle, Harold
Dolohov, Antonin
Dorny, J.
Duke, Kirley W
Dunstan (given name unknown)
Dursley, Dudley M
Dursley, Petunia M
Dursley, Vernon M
Edgecombe, Madam (given name unknown)
Entwhistle, Kevin
Fawcett, Miss S
Fenwich, Benjy
Filch, Argus
Fannigan, Seamus
Fletcher, Mundungus
Flint, Marcus
Flitwich, Filius
Frobisher, Victoria
Fudge, Cornelius
Gibbon (given name unknown)
Goldstein, Anthony
Goyle (given name unknown)
Goyle, Gregory
Granger, Hermione
Greyback, Fenrir
Grubbly-Plank, Wilhemina
Harper (given name unknown)
Higgs, Terrence
Hooch, Rolanda
Hopkins, Wayne
Johnson, Angelina
Jones, Gwenog
Jones, Hestia
Jones, Megan W +
Jordan, Lee
Jorkins, Berta
Jugson (given name unknown)
Karkaoff, Igor
Krum, Victor
Leanne (surname unknown)
Lestrange, Rabastan +
Lestrange, Rodolphus +
Li, Su
Lockhart, Gilderoy
Longbottom, Alice
Longbottom, Augusta
Longbottom, Frank
Longbottom, Neville
Lovegood, Luna
Lovegood, Xenophilius
Lupin, Remus
MacDonald, Mary
MacDougal, Morag
Macmillan, Ernie
Malfoy, Draco
Malfoy, Lucius
Malfoy, Narcissa
Maxime, Olympe
McCormack, Catriona +
McCormack, Michael * +
McGonagall, Minerva
McKinnon, Marlene
Meadowes, Dorcas
Montague (given name unknown)
Moody, Alastor
Moon (given name unknown)
Mulciber (given name unknown)
Nott, Theodore 
Parkinson, Pansy
Patil, Padma
Patil, Parvati
Perks, Sally-Anne
Pettigrew, Peter
Pince, Irma
Phillips, Cameron * M
Podmore, Sturgis
Pomfrey, Poppy
Potter, Harry +
Potter, James +
Prewett, Fabian
Prewett, Gideon
Proudfoot (given name unknown)
Pucey, Adrian
Quirrell, QuirinusRiddle, Tom
Rookwood, Augustus
Rosier, Evan
Scamander, Rolf
Scrimgeous, Rufus
Selwyn (given name unknown)
Stunpike, Stan
Sinistra, Aurora
Skeeter, Rita
Sloper, Jack
Slughorn, Horace
Snape, Severus
Spinnet, Alicia
Sprout, Pomona
Stebbins (given name unknown)
Stimpson, Patricia
Summerby (given name unknown)
Summers (given name unknown)
Thomas, Dean
Thorfinn, Rowle
Tonks, Nymphadora
Tonks, Ted
Towler, Kenneth
Travers (given name unknown)
Trewlawney, Sibyll
Turpin, Lisa
Umbridge, Dolores
Urquhart (given name unknown)
Vance, Emmeline
Vaisey (given name unknown)
Vane, Romilda
Vector, Septima
Verity (surname unknown)
Warrington (given name unknown)
Weasley, Bill +
Weasley, Charlie +
Weasley, Fred +
Weasley, George +
Weasley, Ginny +
Weasley, Percy +
Weasley, Ron +
Witby, Keven
Wilkes (given name unknown)
Yaxley (given name unknown)Zabini, Blaise
Zeller, Rose



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current cast
Alette DeBura
you were born and original. do not die a copy.

Journal: [personal profile] alettedebura
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Unemployed
Character Sheet
PB: Zooey Dechanel
Astoria Greengrass
I'm a woman. I can be as contrary as I choose.

Journal: [personal profile] scaredofheights
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Editorial Assistant at Obscurus Books
Character Sheet
PB: Monika Jagaciak
Caden Jones
I could really use a cup of coffee.

Journal: [personal profile] calliopecafe
Status: Halfblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Proprietor of Calliope Cafe
Character Sheet
PB: Adam Brody
Cedric Diggory
i believe forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness.

Journal: [personal profile] unlikelyhero
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Purple Faction
Occupation: Seeker of the Falmouth Falcons
Character Sheet
PB: James Marsden
Cormac McLaggen
the devil's in the details.

Journal: [personal profile] cutebutdumb
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Undersecretary in the Department of Magical Games and Sports
Character Sheet
PB: Chace Crawford
Daphne Greengrass
turnabout is fair play.

Journal: [personal profile] mentalearthquake
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: works at Aged Papers in Hogsmeade
Character Sheet
PB: Ashley Greene
Demelza Robins
subscribe to my newsletter.

Journal: [personal profile] stripperella
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry / Beige Faction
Occupation: works at Odds and Ends in Diagon Alley; stripper at Indulgences in Knockturn Alley
Character Sheet
PB: Michelle Trachetburg
Evan Williams
when life is a bitter pill to swallow, you gotta hold on to what you believe.

Journal: [personal profile] leadnotfollow
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: works at a convenience store
Character Sheet
PB: James Franco
Jennifer Darling
don't tell me that I won't, I can. don't tell me that I'm not, I am.

Journal: [personal profile] daringdarling
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: waitress
Character Sheet
PB: Emily Browning
John Dekker
well ladies, the pleasure was all mine. which is the only thing that matters in the end.

Journal: [personal profile] selfappointedsavior
Status: Muggle / Werewolf
Affiliation: Neutral / Muggle
Occupation: Bartender in a muggle pub / Pickpocket
Character Sheet
PB: Hayden Christensen
Katie Bell
a true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

Journal: [personal profile] theblondeprincess
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Copy Editor with the Daily Prophet
Character Sheet
PB: Julia Styles
Lily Evans
first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.

Journal: [personal profile] msevans
Status: Muggleborn
Affiliation: Turquoise Faction
Occupation: bartista at a coffee shop / student
Character Sheet
PB: Sarah Wayne Callies
Maddox Avery
those who fight monsters should make damn sure they don't become one.

Journal: [personal profile] beigeauror
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry / Beige Faction
Occupation: Head of the Aurors
Character Sheet
PB: John Barrowman
Malachi Lestrange
ars gratia artis.

Journal: [personal profile] galeriedelavie
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Turquoise Faction
Occupation: artist; art teacher; Auror in Training
Character Sheet
PB: Thomas Dekker
Mandy Brocklehurst
my universe will never be the same. I'm glad you came.

Journal: [personal profile] homemadeingredients
Status: Halfblood
Affiliation: Turquoise faction
Occupation: dragon trainer trainee at the British Dragon Sanctuary
Character Sheet
PB: Leighton Meester
Marietta Edgecombe
everyone's got a theory about the bitter one.

Journal: [personal profile] alittlebitter
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies
Character Sheet
PB: Keri Russell
Meaghan McCormack
if you strike the match, you're bound to feel the flame.

Journal: [personal profile] thegirlwhoplayed
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Keeper on the Pride of Portree
Character Sheet
PB: Sophia Bush
Molly Weasley
all paths are the same, leading nowhere. therefore, pick a path with heart.

Journal: [personal profile] mollyknitwise
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry / Beige faction
Occupation: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Character Sheet
PB: Catharine Tate
Octavius Pepper
when the world is crazy, it doesn't pay to be sane.

Journal: [personal profile] 8isthemagicnumber
Status: Halfblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Proprietor of Bones in the Water, Seer
Character Sheet
PB: Bradley Cooper
Oliver Wood
I'm no different than you. I just believe what I do.

Journal: [personal profile] gettingofftrack
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Keeper for the Belleycastle Bats
Character Sheet
PB: Ed Westwick
Samuel Hyde
culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart.

Journal: [personal profile] samthemuggle
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: Writer for the Guardian
Character Sheet
PB: Penn Bagdly
Teagan Van Buren
go slow. or I'll kill you.

Journal: [personal profile] amillionsubtleties
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: works at local government office
Character Sheet
PB: Isla Fisher
Thalia Lestrange
all men have a drop of treason in their veins.

Journal: [personal profile] whitelilylia
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Purple Faction
Occupation: First Secretary in the Department of International Magical Cooperation
Character Sheet
PB: Summer Glau
Tristan Wright
the kids don't stand a chance.

Journal: [personal profile] thesonof
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: intern
Character Sheet
PB: Tom Hughes
Zacharias Smith
I have the necessary lack of tact.

Journal: [personal profile] mr_smith
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Dragon Trainer at the British Dragon Sanctuary
Character Sheet
PB: Christopher Egan

mod controlled / npc cast
Aberforth Dumbledore

Journal: [personal profile] goatsnotwar
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: owner of Hog's Head
Character Sheet
PB: Jon Brazier
Albus Dumbledore

Journal: [Unknown site tag]
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Portrait
Occupation: Unemployed Portrait
Character Sheet
PB: Michael Gambon
Alanna Avery

Journal [personal profile] poiseandrationality
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Rachel Bilson
Andromeda Avery (nee Black)

Journal: [personal profile] arrangedmatron
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Rachel Weisz
Diane Pepper

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Half-Blood
Affiliation: Hogwarts Student
Occupation: Hogwarts Student
Character Sheet
PB: Dakota Fanning
Gellert Grindelwald

Journal: [personal profile] bloodminister
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry of Magic
Occupation: Minister of Magic of Britain, et al
Character Sheet
PB: Jeremy Irons
Kurt Teller

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Rian Dawson
Robert Williams

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Denis Leary
Steven Lancaster

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Drew Seeley
Thomas Wright

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: Muggle Government
Occupation: Muggle British Prime Minister
Character Sheet
PB: Anthony Steward Head
Walden Macnair

Journal: [personal profile] notyournormalhead
Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: Head of the Department of International Magical Relations
Character Sheet
PB: Peter Stormore

deceased cast
Alexandria Lestrange

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Gold Faction
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Lena Headey
Arthur Weasley

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Gold Faction
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Mark Williams
Bellatrix Lestrange

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Beige Faction
Occupation: Undersecretary in the Department of Magical Transportation
Character Sheet
PB: Monica Belluci
Cleon Greengrass

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Sean O'Pry
Lavender Lestrange (nee Brown)

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: Ministry
Occupation: secretary in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement / clerk at Bones in the Water
Character Sheet
PB: Amanda Seyfried
Lukas Hahn

Status: Pureblood
Affiliation: German Magical Government
Occupation: German Minister of Magic
Character Sheet
PB: Denis Leary
Matthew Harris

Journal: [personal profile] gg_npc
Status: Muggle
Affiliation: PAM
Occupation: N/A
Character Sheet
PB: Simon Curtis
Rosemerta March

Status: Halfblood
Affiliation: Loyalist
Occupation: Owner of the Three Broomsticks
Character Sheet
PB: Nicole Kidman

Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Head of the Department of Magical Transportation
Character Sheet
PB: Phillip Glenister
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- All posts at the rpg should use the same header that's below. It's in a nice copy and paste box for your convenience.

- All posts to the rpg should be tagged appropriately. Upon your first post, the mods will create a character tag for your character. The five types tags (and how many applicable) that must be there are "character:", "place:", "date:", "status", and "communication". Example if your scene takes place between Harry Potter and Ron Weasley on April 1, 2000 in Diagon Alley it should be tagged "character: harry potter, character: ron weasley, date: april 2000, place: diagon alley, status: incomplete". There is an "adult" tag that we must be used for any threads containing adult material (this includes and is not limited to: sex, rape, death, torture, and anything else that is deemed "warning: adult". On other topics, you may use your discretion, but the mods may feel it requires the "warning: adult" tag upon reading it and might add it. Do not think this is a strike against you or something you've done wrong. We simple want everyone to be aware of what they are or could be reading.) There is an addition "communication:" tag for owls, interoffice memos, and phone calls only to be used when appropriate for a scene.

- There will be a calendar on google calendar for the rpg. Upon posting your character sheet, you should get an invitation. Accept it (you don't have to have a gmail account) and use it to help coordinate and remember plots and scenes. The mods have learned this is a great way to make sure everything is organized.

- PBs must be a reasonable age and physical description (if they have been described physically in canon, they must fit that description as much as possible). You do not have to use movie actors/actress for pbs or even examples for pbs if they are not described in canon. (Yes, all Weasleys should have red hair. If you want to change the hair color of an actor/actress for each icon to have your pb of choice you may do so.)

- Time passes in "real time" here. If it's Thursday April 1, 2010 in real life that means it's Thursday April 1, 2000 in game, and the next day would be Friday April 2, 2010 in real life and Friday April 2, 2000 in the game. And so forth. Cookies. Backdated threads by only be posted within two days of it being backdated (for a scene on April 1, it must be posted backdated by April 3.).

- If you need for any reason to postpone posting a scene, whether it be personal or you have to finish another scene in progress before you can play it, we encourage using placeholders. Just post an entry in the community with some information of it being a placeholder and go back and fill it in at a later time.

- If you want to do a solo scene without tagging anyone to express your characters' personal thoughts/feelings/motives, you can use a reflective. It's exactly like a scene without anyone tagging and the word "reflective:" in the title/subject rather than "RP:". Your character should be doing something in the reflective, even if it's small (because of how we write in third person past tense for all posts).

- Open/Public scenes are welcome as well. If you want a random encounter with whomever choices to reply, put your character in a neutral place, have them available in the scene for interaction and go from there. You never know what you'll end up with in an open scene. Sometimes the surprise is more interest and fun than a planned meeting.


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Rules are subject to change. The mods try to cover explain as well as be as clear as they can, but things may come up as the game goes on that creates a need for a change, removal, or addition to the rules. The mods will post an announcement of any changes, removal of rules, or additional of rules in the players' community. If a rule is added or changed, no prior offenses will be held against anyone.

If you notice any rule breaking, whether you think the mods are aware of it not, do not hesitate it to bring it to their attention. Depending on the subject of the complaint, your name may not be mentioned when they confront the offending player if after farther discussion between the modteam deems the complaint worthy of taking the offending player.

01. Please play nicely. It's rather simple. Treat players with respect when you play with them, which includes not starting wank, tagging back in a timely manner, not dropping threads, and generally being a nice person. We know not expect everyone to be friends, but everyone should be able to act like the adults they are when dealing with each other. If you encounter a problem with another player that is interfering with your ability to play or enjoy the game, then speak to a mod.

You must listen to your mods. We are here to help, coordinate the game, and make it a better place for everyone. If you receive an email from the mods, short of acceptance on your application, please reply. If you do not reply, we do not know you read it, and in general, it's rude not to reply to emails and not respectful to the person who took the time to write it in the first place.

02. We expect the game to be dark, full of angst, and contain adult material, so we feel that only players 18-years-old or older may join, please.

On the same note, the apps are invitation only. If you're in the game, you can app as much as you would like. However, if you are a new player, you need to be invited by one of the current players. The app asks you to provide a name. While the current player doesn't have to inform the mods at first, they must be willingly to say they know you and vouch for you if the mod chooses to ask before the app is rejected or accepted.

03. There is no godmodding, info-modding, or meta-modding in this game allowed. If this occurs and a mod is aware of it, or it's brought to a mod's attentions, action will be taken. Godmodding is defined as "doing something to another character that limits or takes away their ability to react". In other words, do not have your character punch another character (or hex/charm) without the other player's specific permission. This also follows the lines of grabbing, kissing, or any other bodily contact. It takes a moment to show the respect to ask. If you even think your character might be godmodding, ask before you do it.

Info-modding or meta-modding is having your character know something they shouldn't. As a player you may know something, but that doesn't mean your character does. If you think your character would know character x and character y have a fight even if no one in game told you, ask the player of one of the characters (the player of the character who would have told you) before saying your character knows. This also says that your character will probably not know of any secret plots of world domination character z has the the player hasn't been silent about OOC but has never revealed in game. However, this does not mean your character by have a bad opinion of another character as long as it's reasonable with information they know. We want conflict between characters, not the players themselves. At any point if you wonder if your character should know something, ask the person involved or if it's an overall game plot, ask the mods.

04. Any plot that includes death, violence (other than like a punch between characters as a bar), or pregnancy must be approved by the mods first. Players must be willing to provide at least a rough timeline, a summary of the plot, and have some sort of resolution (for example: what happens to the murderer if it's death? What happens to the baby/pregnant woman/pregnancy if it's pregnancy?).

05. The activity here is lose. We want to have fun rather than be made to post a certain amount or within a certain time. Technically, there is no actual activity limit. Instead, the mods are watching when someone plays a character and if they feel a long time as passed with the character being inactive they reserve the right to email the player and ask if they are still interested in the character. There is a lot of ways to react to said email but the best ways would be: email the mods. If you are busy, tell the mods that and try to get something going when you have more time (as long as it's not horribly excessive and you are in contact with the mods, nothing will be held against you). If you really want to play but either at a loss as to who to play with/against or uninspired, as the mods, maybe they can give you some good suggestions to relieve this. Poisonous. Or you can simply just post something that night, because you didn't realize it'd been so long (this happens).

However, players are asked to at least attempt to play with their character (a new scene) every six weeks.

06. Backstory on canon characters are up to the player unless they are a child of a family that has been changed. However, information has been provided for you on the changes to look at before you apply. Once again, it's on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions before or after applying, feel free to ask a mod.

07. All canon sexualities are being enforced. This includes epilogue and interviews from Rowling (Weasley family tree? Yes, that counts. Black family tree? That's both canon and fandom and counts).

08. Also, out of respect for the other players, please know that there are no one word tags. Tags should be at least two complete sentences and written with correct grammar. There will be no netspeak in the writing and everything is written in third-person past tense. The mods understand that no one is perfect, and mistakes happen. And players are normally understanding unless it starts to make it hard to tell what you're trying to say to begin with.
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Muggle society after Grindelwald's raise to power has changed history and even how the muggle and wizard societies interact. Since the muggles know of magic since 1950, this changes things.

Muggleborns: As of the 1931 school year, muggleborns were no longer accepted into Hogwarts. Any muggleborn in Hogwarts at the time was able to finish, however, they were treated as outcasts and could hardly find jobs upon leaving school. It was a cruel word for those muggleborns - unable to fit into either world anymore. Muggleborns born after 1920 were no longer welcome or even told about Hogwarts as wizards. It wasn't until 1950 that they knew of the school as other muggles do, when muggle society as a whole found out about magic, they discovered Hogwarts was a school to train witches and wizards where muggles (and muggleborns now) were unwelcome.

This extends to anyone from born from 1920 on that were raised by muggles. They were treated as muggleborns even if one of their parents was pure- or half-blood. If the muggle or muggleborn parent did not raise the child, but the 'known' magical parent did, it would not effect them. For example, Tom Riddle was found and raised in a muggle orphan before attending Hogwarts. This would mean he was never accepted into Hogwarts. In the government and school's eyes, he would have been equal to a muggle.

There are muggle schools and university funded by the government, but they are of a lower class. Not much is placed in the future of muggle society nor in their ability to be productive members of any importance of the society. However, they are not denied the basic right of school. It just a lower standard to meet, less muggles graduate, colleges/universities are of lower number and there are less aid by the government to help pay for muggles to go.

A short list of those that this effects known in canon: Hermione Granger, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Lily Evans, Ted Tonks, Tom Riddle, Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, (history subject to change depending on parents' histories in game).

Paperwork: Due to Gellert's restrictions on muggleborns and muggles, all witches and wizards have paperwork confirming who they are (a witch/wizard acknowledged by the government). This means that no muggleborn has this paperwork. It has charms and hexes and cannot be reproduced. There are also school records of who went to Hogwarts when and graduated, OWLs and NEWTs, and those things. There is almost no way for a muggleborn to actually infiltrate into the wizarding society completely. Yes, if someone tells them, they can work their way into Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and even the Ministry of Magic with aide of a registered wizard or witch, but if someone checks on them, they will be found out.

Muggleborns have also been asked to register with the government in game. Not everyone has, clearly. In fact, most are very much opposed. But due to this, the paperwork has increased as long with the risks and dangers of venturing into the wizarding world. Some muggleborns are trained, but there is only so much one can pretend to know about actual wizarding society and if they don't have the paperwork and the education (and the knowledge of said education) to back it up, they will be detained, questioned, and perhaps go to Azkaban depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind it would be really hard for someone to try to fake going to Hogwarts, because even if someone who would be in your year tells you everyone's names (and even personalities) those who never met you due to not going to the school would not know who you are (except the person who told you to begin with) and there will be no records of your stay there.

Muggle Technology: Muggle technology was only developed after the 1940s the way Grindelwald wanted it to. The last car that was made was in 1951 and reproduced sparingly from then on. Any recreational technology (devices besides record players that play music, television beyond the 1950s, and videos games for example) were not created or allowed in Britain or any country that he had control over. The countries under his control were left stuck in the 1950s throughout the next 50 years. Grindelwald, for example, uses a car to attend many muggle functions he has to for appearances' sake only.

The mail service remained separate for wizards and muggles. Wizards use owls while muggles use normal mail that they always have.

List For Reference )

Anti-Wizard Groups: There are very passionate and hateful anti-wizard groups. They use muggleborns as examples, as well as go after known wizards themselves. The climate between the wizard and muggle worlds are not equal or nice. Most muggles look at wizards with hate and visa versa. There are discrimination for both wizards and muggles; though wizards are harder to publicly discriminate against unless in a primarily muggle and non-government place.

One anti-wizard group named in gameplay:

People Against Magic (PAM): Evan Williams, Kurt Teller (NPC), Samuel Hyde, Tristan Wright, Jennifer Darling, currently casting

Muggles do kill wizards out of hatred, and wizards kill muggles out of hatred. If a muggle is found killing a wizard or having killed one, they do not get a fair trail by any means. They are sentenced to death, no questions asked. Wizards killing a muggle however are overlooked like muggle deaths mean nothing and those killed are not human. This creates even more animosity between the two societies.

Information on Getting a Muggleborn into Wizarding Society: Muggleborns are not welcome into the wizarding world as a whole any longer. They are treated equal to muggles, denied training of their magic including wands, and overlooked. However, since the beginning of the 1960s when it was formed, some fractures of the Class of the Chrysanthemum have found muggleborns and taken them under their wing, getting them a wand in another country, training and housing them until they can take care of themselves when they normally leave the country. Some muggleborns stay within the Class after the training is complete to 'fight'. Some muggles have found the Class of the Chrysanthemum through muggleborn friends and family members. It is not all hate, just mostly.

Other muggleborns from countries not under Grindelwald's rule are trained like in canon, accepted into the school and properly given a wand and welcome to the wizarding world. Many wizards in Britiain, including Grindelwald think this is wrong and there are laws passed to try to keep them from the countries in his control. He does not want a foreign muggleborn uprising in his boundaries.

Canons This Will Effect: Already stated in canon muggleborns this will effect like Lily Evans, Hermione Granger, and Ted Tonks. They would not have attended Hogwarts and would be treated like muggles by wizarding society. However, seeing how the other writer feelings, things like Lily and Severus knowing each other before Hogwarts is possible. Canon children by muggleborns like Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks is up to the first writer in the family. It's likely they will change.

For more information on the Class of the Chrysanthemum for a muggleborn character, please view the information given.
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Basic History: As touched on on the premise, the Class of the Chrysanthemum was started by Cassiopedia Black around 1962. The exact year of it's formation is unknown due to the secretive and discreet nature of the rebel group. However, it's safe to say that it was started back in 1950 or a few years later with her gathering members in secret. A vague mention of not believing in Grindelwald's philosophies and government here and there, a remark of the boredom of politics to incite a heated debate she could gauge how strongly they believed or didn't believe... Cassiopedia was a strong, unmarried woman who was supposed to be taught the importance of pureblood from a young age by her parents, Cygunus and Violetta (nee Bulstrode) Black. The Blacks are a long line of pureblood believers and follows of Grindelwald. Even before it became law, that is how they believed. Cassoipedia, however, did not believe any of this. In words of the late Black, she thought it was "utter rubbish and a way to make yourself feel better about yourself when you know you are unworthy". They used the Fidelius Charm as well as other charms for tricky and deception for meeting and planning. They spoke not of the Class to anyone who was not a known member. Secrecy became a way of life, fearing for their lives.

More detailed Histories of the Class of the Chrysanthemum )

In Game Play: In play, there will be (at least at first) four factions of the Class of the Chrysanthemum. Each faction has a "code name" which is a color to vaguely symbolize their ideologies. Each faction has it's own set of beliefs. No longer ran by one person as a whole organization, they have adapted and changed. Some are less into freeing muggles, muggleborns, and wizards alike from Grindelwald's rule but more interested in freeing themselves. Some factions are known to help muggles and muggleborns alike.

Leaders of the factions or any high-tier, long standing members cannot be members of Gellert's department at the Ministry or a department head at the Ministry. Leaders of the factions must be old enough, this is up to the mod's discretion.

Allied factions not necessary agree or like each other. Part of allied with another faction is to increase their power and hold on themselves. Just because your character is a member of an allied faction does not mean they are friends with other members of the allied faction. There are tells for who is a member of each faction. However, ONLY those in the factions know of these tells. Two factions in the games are "allies" and would know the tells of the other faction, but no one else. No one in Gellert's government knows. No one who is not a member of that faction or an allied faction.

Names, Description of Ideologies, and Members of Faction in Play )


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In 1899, there was a death. In a three-way duel between Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, and Aberforth Dumbledore, one Ariana Dumbledore didn't survive. The fourteen-year-old was struck down by a spell, caster unknown. The brothers took the news hard, both of them reacting different to the loss of their little sister while the other dueler present, just moved on. The strike formed not long after the death between close friends (it was speculated they had a romance, but never confirmed), Gellert and Albus. Gellert embraced the idea of Dark Magic, even so much as dangling the hope that one day Dark Magic would bring Ariana back to her brother Albus, while Albus was resistant. He believe life and death formed a circle. Despite the girl's age, he believed death was what was written in the little girl's book. For thirty years, the two were at odds; while Albus became a professor at Hogwarts, Gellert raised an army. Gellert wasn't secret about his intentions with this army nor was Dumbledore blind to what his friend had become.

In the year 1930, the two faced each other. Wanting to cling to his beliefs that death was part of life and planned, Albus could not when he looked at Gellert with his invisible army backing his ideals. Some were afraid of his use of Dark Magic while others were clinging to the power he hoped to gain one day. Gellert, after many tries, met Albus in a discreet muggle pub one night just after midnight. The both men who was once handsome were worn down; both showing signs of wear of their ages and their chosen paths. Albus more than Gellert showed the wear that the years had caused. He began to falter under Gellert's charming words. He kept his gaze steady and unwavering as he spoke, endearing to the man's ideals. Finally, after many meetings like that, Albus cracked on the anniversary of his sister's death.

In a rash move, Albus did the unthinkable once again. He raised his wand to Gellert on a muggle street. The duel that ensued was nothing short of specular. But only one can walk away from that type of duel. Gellert Grindelwald walked away, leaving whom he considered his best friend behind him lifeless on the sidewalk. Over the next twenty years, he brought up his army with no one to oppose him. In 1945, at the end of the second muggle world war, Gellert officially conceded power and took the name as "The Dark Lord" to every wizard and witch practicing in Britain and even some who didn't.

In 1950, no longer was magic kept a secret. Gellert felt no reason to hide their existence. They held all the power in their hands and there was no reason to hide it from the lesser beings. The muggles cowered, their government officials taking Unbreakable Vows to keep their new knowledge within the country's boundaries. It was only until the 1960s through 1980s any other country became aware of Gellert's increasing power. The countries of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and France fell to Gellert's power. The muggles in those countries were kept blind to the existence of magic. Gellert kept up his conquest to overthrow the world.

In 1962, a resistance group reared up. It was full of wizards and witches at first. Cassiopeia Black was the leader. After a year of activity, she game her group the name of the Class of the Chrysanthemum using a white Chrysanthemum as their crest. The Class of the Chrysanthemum grew in numbers, though most only secretly members, fearing death or imprisonment. After five years, it was their first strike during a Ministry gathering. They had no useless ideals that they would be able to reach Gellert himself. But when the moment appeared, Cassiopeia found her death when trying. The lost of their leader was a blow to the Class of the Chrysanthemum, but with the Fidelius Charm every member who was aware of the meeting places, they became the Secret Keepers. With that, the Class of the Chrysanthemum lived on. They were more of an idea now than a real organized group. But they fought on, in secret, and a few publicly, braving the threat of death or imprisonment.

Now, in the year 2002, the world is a much different place. Britain lives under the oppression of Gellert's reign and the nearing countries were falling into place. Germany was just taken under Gellert's control magically and eventually enlightening the muggles in the other countries under their control in on the secret of magic. The muggles in Britain had brought little resistance, not having the power to truly fight back. Muggleborns are not as surprised by their magic appearing as they once would have been, but none are accepted into Hogwarts or any other school in a country under Grindelwald's rule. Some hide it away. Some go to find in a way their families and cannot not. The Class of the Chrysanthemum continues on in smaller factions

Gellert has recently acquired a painting of Albus Dumbledore done as the portrait for when he was headmaster. The portrait hangs in his steady at his home, but there is no plans for Albus to only stay a portrait forever. What will anyone do when Gellert uses magic to bring back the former lover that he murdered in cold blood over half a decade previously to stand by his side during his reign?