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Rules are subject to change. The mods try to cover explain as well as be as clear as they can, but things may come up as the game goes on that creates a need for a change, removal, or addition to the rules. The mods will post an announcement of any changes, removal of rules, or additional of rules in the players' community. If a rule is added or changed, no prior offenses will be held against anyone.

If you notice any rule breaking, whether you think the mods are aware of it not, do not hesitate it to bring it to their attention. Depending on the subject of the complaint, your name may not be mentioned when they confront the offending player if after farther discussion between the modteam deems the complaint worthy of taking the offending player.

01. Please play nicely. It's rather simple. Treat players with respect when you play with them, which includes not starting wank, tagging back in a timely manner, not dropping threads, and generally being a nice person. We know not expect everyone to be friends, but everyone should be able to act like the adults they are when dealing with each other. If you encounter a problem with another player that is interfering with your ability to play or enjoy the game, then speak to a mod.

You must listen to your mods. We are here to help, coordinate the game, and make it a better place for everyone. If you receive an email from the mods, short of acceptance on your application, please reply. If you do not reply, we do not know you read it, and in general, it's rude not to reply to emails and not respectful to the person who took the time to write it in the first place.

02. We expect the game to be dark, full of angst, and contain adult material, so we feel that only players 18-years-old or older may join, please.

On the same note, the apps are invitation only. If you're in the game, you can app as much as you would like. However, if you are a new player, you need to be invited by one of the current players. The app asks you to provide a name. While the current player doesn't have to inform the mods at first, they must be willingly to say they know you and vouch for you if the mod chooses to ask before the app is rejected or accepted.

03. There is no godmodding, info-modding, or meta-modding in this game allowed. If this occurs and a mod is aware of it, or it's brought to a mod's attentions, action will be taken. Godmodding is defined as "doing something to another character that limits or takes away their ability to react". In other words, do not have your character punch another character (or hex/charm) without the other player's specific permission. This also follows the lines of grabbing, kissing, or any other bodily contact. It takes a moment to show the respect to ask. If you even think your character might be godmodding, ask before you do it.

Info-modding or meta-modding is having your character know something they shouldn't. As a player you may know something, but that doesn't mean your character does. If you think your character would know character x and character y have a fight even if no one in game told you, ask the player of one of the characters (the player of the character who would have told you) before saying your character knows. This also says that your character will probably not know of any secret plots of world domination character z has the the player hasn't been silent about OOC but has never revealed in game. However, this does not mean your character by have a bad opinion of another character as long as it's reasonable with information they know. We want conflict between characters, not the players themselves. At any point if you wonder if your character should know something, ask the person involved or if it's an overall game plot, ask the mods.

04. Any plot that includes death, violence (other than like a punch between characters as a bar), or pregnancy must be approved by the mods first. Players must be willing to provide at least a rough timeline, a summary of the plot, and have some sort of resolution (for example: what happens to the murderer if it's death? What happens to the baby/pregnant woman/pregnancy if it's pregnancy?).

05. The activity here is lose. We want to have fun rather than be made to post a certain amount or within a certain time. Technically, there is no actual activity limit. Instead, the mods are watching when someone plays a character and if they feel a long time as passed with the character being inactive they reserve the right to email the player and ask if they are still interested in the character. There is a lot of ways to react to said email but the best ways would be: email the mods. If you are busy, tell the mods that and try to get something going when you have more time (as long as it's not horribly excessive and you are in contact with the mods, nothing will be held against you). If you really want to play but either at a loss as to who to play with/against or uninspired, as the mods, maybe they can give you some good suggestions to relieve this. Poisonous. Or you can simply just post something that night, because you didn't realize it'd been so long (this happens).

However, players are asked to at least attempt to play with their character (a new scene) every six weeks.

06. Backstory on canon characters are up to the player unless they are a child of a family that has been changed. However, information has been provided for you on the changes to look at before you apply. Once again, it's on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions before or after applying, feel free to ask a mod.

07. All canon sexualities are being enforced. This includes epilogue and interviews from Rowling (Weasley family tree? Yes, that counts. Black family tree? That's both canon and fandom and counts).

08. Also, out of respect for the other players, please know that there are no one word tags. Tags should be at least two complete sentences and written with correct grammar. There will be no netspeak in the writing and everything is written in third-person past tense. The mods understand that no one is perfect, and mistakes happen. And players are normally understanding unless it starts to make it hard to tell what you're trying to say to begin with.