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Guide to Canon Families with AU Background

(Keep in mind there are no Death Eaters in this game, and those who were imprisoned after the first wizarding world may never have been in prison at all.)

Guidelines on AU Canon Families:

- If they have a child or more in canon, ONE parent must have the child/children (of the same given name; the surname may change depending on the circumstances and born in the same year). If the first canon parent comes in that doesn't have the child, the second MUST. (The only exception is Teddy Lupin and the Weasley grandchildren because he was born very late in canon.)
- You must follow what's already planned for the family. If you fail to, the mods will reject the application or speak to you about changing it. If you cannot adhere to the already AU nature of the family, then simple apply for a different character. If you really want a character with a AU history you want to work with but perhaps bring a spin to, then ask the mods beforehand and we'll try to work it out between you and the current writer if possible. But it's truly first come first serve, so if they don't want to work it out, your idea will be rejected.

Character sheets of those in game are linked. That way the person should and can go look at the character sheet for more information about the people/person in their potential characters family.

Incomplete Families:

The Black Family

The Black family is quite large. Those directly with the name Black as a surname come from two families that were originally headed by Cygnus and his wife Druella and Orion and his wife Walburga.

Cygnus and Druella Black had three daughter Bellatrix (deceased in game), Andromeda and Narcissa The eldest daughter Bellatrix married a pureblood wizard named Felix Allan and bore a child by him in 1979 named Tatiana. In 1990 when her husband died from hate crimes against magical folk Bellatrix changed her last name and the last name of her daughter back to Black. On Halloween 2000, Bellatrix was murdered. Andromeda's history is under "Tonks family" below.

The Lestrange Family:

Rabastan was married to Alexandria before she died December 1999 and had two children, Malachi and Thalia. Rabastan and Alexandria are not given any careers. Malachi attended a muggle art school for a year, to the dismay of his father (and as a result was disowned publicly by his father), before he was driven out. Malachi is married to Lavender (nee Brown) with a stepson and a baby daughter. He is also part of the Turquoise faction of the Class of the Chrysanthemum. Thalia works in the Ministry, in the Department of international cooperation. She's leading a bit of a double life however as she is also head of the Purple Faction of the Class of Chrysanthemum.

Lavender and Truth were killed in game in July 2001 (in game time).

Rodolphus Lestrange never married and is an adviser to the Minister of Magic and member of the beige faction.

* Note Rodolphus Lestrange is not married to Bellatrix Black as stated previously.

The Weasley Family

Molly and Arthur were married and had all seven children together. Their life was different as Molly was a working mother, in the Auror department, and eventually became Head the Department of Magic Law Enforcement. Arthur also died in 1985 by murder. Arthur was involved with the Class of Chrysanthemum which he kept secret from Molly and the children in order to protect them. In public, Arthur and Molly have raised the children with loyalties to Gellert. Bill, Percy, George, Fred, Ronald, Ginny, and Charlie are open for applications.

The Tonks/Avery Family

Andromeda Black (NPC, [personal profile] arrangedmatron) married Maddox Avery in an arranged marriage. Andromeda and Maddox had Alanna, their daughter, who is the same age as Tonks would be in canon named Alanna (NPC, [personal profile] poiseandrationality).

Ted has to be the father of Nymphadora.

The Potter Family

James and Lily Evans met and had a fling. James ultimately ended than relationship to pursue a career as an Auror and soon after Lily found out she was pregnant. Lily raised Harry, without James knowing of his son, with muggles and taught him magic herself. This said, Harry would have not gone to Hogwarts and would be treated as a muggleborn (which, in this world, means a muggle, really) and his last name is Evans and not Potter.

The McCormack Family

Meaghan McCormack is the daughter of retired chaser of the Pride of Portree Catriona McCormack and pureblood wizard Micheal McCormack and sister of Kirley Duke (born 1971) who is the lead guitarist for the popular band The Weird Sisters. Meaghan and her brother were raised to be pureblood elitist and Ministry followers.

The Jones Family

Caden Jones is the oldest and only son of Jacob and Samantha Jones. He was born in 1969 and is the owner Calliope Cafe in Hogmeade village of a cafe/coffee shop by day and a place that hosts live shows at night. His sister Megan was born in 1980. The family was raised as Ministry loyal, but not had no real opinion of any politics.

Complete families

The Greengrass Family

Helena and Arcturus Greengrass have three children Cleon (NPC), Daphne and Astoria.