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Occupation List / Ministry of Magic

Besides those listed, there are a plethora of places your character can work. This website is a good source to look to for more interesting and jobs and places for jobs.

Leaders of the factions or any high-tier, long standing members cannot be members of Gellert's department at the Ministry or a department head at the Ministry (and 35-years-old or older to be a department head at all).

ministry of magic
level one, minister of magic and support staff
level two, department of magical law enforcement
level three, department of magical accidents and catastrophes
This department has the offices of the highest ministry officials. Gellert Grindelwald's office is located here.

Minister of Magic - Gellert Grindelwald

Advisors for Minister - currently casting up to five

Office of the Senior Undersecretary to Minister for Magic - currently casting up to three
Office of the Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic - currently casting up to three
Headquarters and offices of the Aurors and Hitwizards. Each Auror and Hitwizard has their own cubicle while only the Head of the Aurors has a personal office.

Department Head - Molly Weasley

Head of the Aurors - Maddox Avery
Aurors - currently casting

James Potter

Aurors-In-Training - currently casting

Hitwizards - currently casting

Former Employees - Malachi Lestrange, Lavender Lestrange (nee Brown)
The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes is responsible for repairing accidental magical damage. There is no task force to erase memories of muggle witnesses.

Department Head - currently casting
Other Employees (specific jobs/titles) - currently casting
level four, department for the regulation and control of magical creatures
level five, department of international magical cooperation
level six, department of magical transportation
This department regulates the laws, litigation, control, and treatment of magical creatures. The magical creatures include, but not limited to, werewolves, vampires, centaurs, and goblins.

Department Head - currently casting
Other Employees (specific jobs/titles) - currently casting

Dragon Trainer at The British Dragon Sanctuary (located off site on Shadow Hill on the Isle of Wight overlooking the English Channel) - Mandy Brocklehurst, Zacharias Smith, currently casting
With Grindelwald's ever expanding control over the wizarding worlds of foreign countries, this department serves a purpose of retaining and managing foreign relationships. Representative from foreign countries that are under Grindelwald's have permanent placement in his department. Grindelwald uses coercing, threatening, blackmailing, and even death to win over new countries and keep those under his control in his control still.

Ambassadors are for people coming from countries not in Gellert's rule. Liaisons are those who work with the countries under his rule. If you need farther clarification, just as a mod.

Department Head - Walden Macnair
Other Employees (specific jobs/titles) - currently casting

Secretary - currently casting
First Secretary - Thalia Lestrange

Former Employees - Lavender Lestrange (nee Brown)
This department is responsible for various aspects of magical transport.

Department Head - currently casting
Former Department Header - Wiser (no given name) (deceased as of August 26, 2000)
Other Employees (specific jobs/titles) - currently casting

Former Employees - Bellatrix Black
level seven, department of magical games and sports
level eight, the atrium
level nine, department of mysteries
This department handles any and all dealings with games and sports, mostly Quidditch but not exclusively.

Department Head - currently casting
Other Employees (specific jobs/titles) - currently casting

Undersecretary - Cormac McLaggen
Welcome area for visitors that the Floos are located as well as the Fountain of Magical Brethren.

Receptionist - currently casting

Security - currently casting
Magical Maintenance Office Workers - currently casting
This department carries out confidential research in total secrecy. No one besides Unspeakables and Grindelwald himself have access to this department.

Department Head - NPC only
Unspeakablers - NPCs only until a later day

magical london
st. mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries
diagon alley
knockturn alley
Healers - currently casting

currently casting

Bones in the Water - Octavius Pepper (owner)
Bones in the Water - Meaghan McCormack (sales clerk)
Odds and Ends - Demelza Robins (clerk)
Obscurus Books - Astoria Greengrass (editorial assistant)
currently casting

Indulgence - Demelza Robins (stripper)
daily prophet
Editor-in-Chief - currently casting
Writers - currently casting

Copy Editors - currently casting

Copy Editor - Katie Bell

Former Employees - Astoria Greengrass
currently casting

Apprentice at the shop Aged Papers - Daphne Greengrass
Proprietor of Hog's Head Inn - Aberforth Dumblefore
Proprietor of Calliope Cafe - Caden Jones
Note: No students are allowed. Characters must be out of school and seventeen. If you want a storyline with a character who is underage/attending Hogwarts, please contact a mod about you or someone else playing a NPC character for the plot with mod approval.

Headmistress - currently casting

Professors - currently casting

other jobs
currently casting

Art Tutor/Artist - Malachi Lestrange
Unemployed - Alette DeBura
Keeper of the Bellycastle Bats - Oliver Wood
Keeper of the Pride of Portree - Meaghan McCormack
Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies - Marietta Edgecombe
Seeeker of the Falmouth Falcons - Cedric Diggory

muggle world
all jobs
currently casting

Clerk at the West Mark Corner Store (convenience store) - Evan Williams
Bartender/pickpocket - John Dekker
Art Teacher/Owner of Lavender Truth Gallery - Malachi Lestrange
Writer for the Guardian - Samuel Hyde
Local County Government Employee - Teagan Van Buren
Waitress - Jennifer Darling