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In 1899, there was a death. In a three-way duel between Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, and Aberforth Dumbledore, one Ariana Dumbledore didn't survive. The fourteen-year-old was struck down by a spell, caster unknown. The brothers took the news hard, both of them reacting different to the loss of their little sister while the other dueler present, just moved on. The strike formed not long after the death between close friends (it was speculated they had a romance, but never confirmed), Gellert and Albus. Gellert embraced the idea of Dark Magic, even so much as dangling the hope that one day Dark Magic would bring Ariana back to her brother Albus, while Albus was resistant. He believe life and death formed a circle. Despite the girl's age, he believed death was what was written in the little girl's book. For thirty years, the two were at odds; while Albus became a professor at Hogwarts, Gellert raised an army. Gellert wasn't secret about his intentions with this army nor was Dumbledore blind to what his friend had become.

In the year 1930, the two faced each other. Wanting to cling to his beliefs that death was part of life and planned, Albus could not when he looked at Gellert with his invisible army backing his ideals. Some were afraid of his use of Dark Magic while others were clinging to the power he hoped to gain one day. Gellert, after many tries, met Albus in a discreet muggle pub one night just after midnight. The both men who was once handsome were worn down; both showing signs of wear of their ages and their chosen paths. Albus more than Gellert showed the wear that the years had caused. He began to falter under Gellert's charming words. He kept his gaze steady and unwavering as he spoke, endearing to the man's ideals. Finally, after many meetings like that, Albus cracked on the anniversary of his sister's death.

In a rash move, Albus did the unthinkable once again. He raised his wand to Gellert on a muggle street. The duel that ensued was nothing short of specular. But only one can walk away from that type of duel. Gellert Grindelwald walked away, leaving whom he considered his best friend behind him lifeless on the sidewalk. Over the next twenty years, he brought up his army with no one to oppose him. In 1945, at the end of the second muggle world war, Gellert officially conceded power and took the name as "The Dark Lord" to every wizard and witch practicing in Britain and even some who didn't.

In 1950, no longer was magic kept a secret. Gellert felt no reason to hide their existence. They held all the power in their hands and there was no reason to hide it from the lesser beings. The muggles cowered, their government officials taking Unbreakable Vows to keep their new knowledge within the country's boundaries. It was only until the 1960s through 1980s any other country became aware of Gellert's increasing power. The countries of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and France fell to Gellert's power. The muggles in those countries were kept blind to the existence of magic. Gellert kept up his conquest to overthrow the world.

In 1962, a resistance group reared up. It was full of wizards and witches at first. Cassiopeia Black was the leader. After a year of activity, she game her group the name of the Class of the Chrysanthemum using a white Chrysanthemum as their crest. The Class of the Chrysanthemum grew in numbers, though most only secretly members, fearing death or imprisonment. After five years, it was their first strike during a Ministry gathering. They had no useless ideals that they would be able to reach Gellert himself. But when the moment appeared, Cassiopeia found her death when trying. The lost of their leader was a blow to the Class of the Chrysanthemum, but with the Fidelius Charm every member who was aware of the meeting places, they became the Secret Keepers. With that, the Class of the Chrysanthemum lived on. They were more of an idea now than a real organized group. But they fought on, in secret, and a few publicly, braving the threat of death or imprisonment.

Now, in the year 2002, the world is a much different place. Britain lives under the oppression of Gellert's reign and the nearing countries were falling into place. Germany was just taken under Gellert's control magically and eventually enlightening the muggles in the other countries under their control in on the secret of magic. The muggles in Britain had brought little resistance, not having the power to truly fight back. Muggleborns are not as surprised by their magic appearing as they once would have been, but none are accepted into Hogwarts or any other school in a country under Grindelwald's rule. Some hide it away. Some go to find in a way their families and cannot not. The Class of the Chrysanthemum continues on in smaller factions

Gellert has recently acquired a painting of Albus Dumbledore done as the portrait for when he was headmaster. The portrait hangs in his steady at his home, but there is no plans for Albus to only stay a portrait forever. What will anyone do when Gellert uses magic to bring back the former lover that he murdered in cold blood over half a decade previously to stand by his side during his reign?