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NPC information

Here at [community profile] for_the_greater_good we do the concept of NPC a little differently than some games. There's three types of NPC here and they are explained below. NPC are listed on the cast page here.

NPCs do not have to make activity. More or less, they are used for a plot, to fill in a family for interaction, or just to fill in some part in a character's life that the player wants to be be represented without actually having someone else take the character up (whether from lack of interest, not wanting to hound other players or something of any nature). They do not have character sheets either besides Gellert Grindelwald. All characters under 17 years of age and not graduated from Hogswarts qualify as NPCs and have to use the npc account to tag. All students should be attending Hogswarts during the school year besides the designated breaks established in canon. Their actions and dialogue are still to be reacted to no matter the nature of the NPC and if they want to do something to or with a character that is not the player's, the player still needs to ask permission to not godmod.

If you are interested in applying for an NPC that is applicable for application, contact the mods and/or player in control of the NPC itself. The ones that are listed without an individual journals - as long as they are of age - are up for application if someone is interested. Depending on their place in the game is how much history and information they have provided within various scenes in the game.

NPCs with RP Journals

[personal profile] bloodminister - Gellert Grindelwald. He is the Minister of Magic of Britain, et al. Despite his character's NPC status, he's actually rather accessible and the mod/player will be more than willing to break him out when there is interest or plot. He's used primarily for the on-going political plot of the game as well as an overall game antagonist against the Class of the Chrysanthemum, PAM/muggles, and certain other character. He does have personal plots running through the game and the mod/player has no shame to have more.
player: Jess

[personal profile] dumbles - Albus Dumbledore. He died in 1930 when Grindelwald killed him. But in 2001, Grindelwald found the headmaster portrait in Hogswarts and brought it home. From there, it wasn't long before Grindelwald's slight insanity led him to wish for the man to be real again. The ritual will take place in game. Grindelwald has power over the newly relived man, but he has room to move around and slowly the magical world at large is becoming aware of the man's new and different presence.
player: Cath

[personal profile] goatsnotwar - Aberforth Dumblefore. He is Albus' brother. He runs the Hog's Head in Hogsmeade and has a neutrality in his political view. He was involved in the ritual.
player: Lorena

NPCs Without Individual RP Journals That Use [personal profile] gg_npc

Cleon Greengrass - The older brother of Astoria and Daphne Greengrass. He is set to die at some point in the near future.

Diane Pepper - Teenage daughter of Octavius Pepper ([personal profile] 8isthemagicnumber). She's currently attending Hogswarts.
player: Jess

Kurt Teller - One of three roommates of Evan Williams ([personal profile] leadnotfollow). He attended art collage with Malachi Lestrange ([personal profile] galeriedelavie). He is a member of PAM.
player: Jess

Steven Lancaster - One of three roommates of Evan Williams ([personal profile] leadnotfollow). He is a muggle and a member of PAM.
player: Jess

Robert Williams - Father of Evan Williams and John Dekker. Evan is a member of PAM. John is a muggle werewolf.
player: Jess

Thomas Wright - Muggle Prime Minister. He is the father of Tristan Wright ([personal profile] thesonof). Tristan himself is a member of PAM.
player: Jess

NPCS That Do Not Use [personal profile] gg_npc

Magdalena "Lena" McCormack - Daughter of Meaghan McCormack ([personal profile] thegirlwhoplayed). She was born July 29, 1997.

Star Lestrange -Daughter of Malachi Lestrange ([personal profile] galeriedelavie) and Lavender Lestrange (nee Brown). Born April 13, 2001. Malachi's player normally controls her actions, but seeing that she's an infant, sometimes the control changes to the other player in the scene without consequence.

Various family members of current characters - Now and then a move in a personal plot calls for a certain player to play the family members of their characters. This can include parents, siblings, cousins, uncles/aunts, ect. and is really only played by and in control of the player of the original character. Normally the characters are just played within the original character it's connected to's tag rather than getting their own.

Various friends/acquaintances/coworkers of current characters or members of the Class/PAM/another group - It's what it sounds. When a current character doesn't fit into a role that a player needs filled for a plot - whether personal or otherwise - a player can make up a temporary character for one scene (perhaps touched upon or mentioned later in the game also) to serve a purpose. Normally one player plays that character for the duration.