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Other Information on Gameplay

- All posts at the rpg should use the same header that's below. It's in a nice copy and paste box for your convenience.

- All posts to the rpg should be tagged appropriately. Upon your first post, the mods will create a character tag for your character. The five types tags (and how many applicable) that must be there are "character:", "place:", "date:", "status", and "communication". Example if your scene takes place between Harry Potter and Ron Weasley on April 1, 2000 in Diagon Alley it should be tagged "character: harry potter, character: ron weasley, date: april 2000, place: diagon alley, status: incomplete". There is an "adult" tag that we must be used for any threads containing adult material (this includes and is not limited to: sex, rape, death, torture, and anything else that is deemed "warning: adult". On other topics, you may use your discretion, but the mods may feel it requires the "warning: adult" tag upon reading it and might add it. Do not think this is a strike against you or something you've done wrong. We simple want everyone to be aware of what they are or could be reading.) There is an addition "communication:" tag for owls, interoffice memos, and phone calls only to be used when appropriate for a scene.

- There will be a calendar on google calendar for the rpg. Upon posting your character sheet, you should get an invitation. Accept it (you don't have to have a gmail account) and use it to help coordinate and remember plots and scenes. The mods have learned this is a great way to make sure everything is organized.

- PBs must be a reasonable age and physical description (if they have been described physically in canon, they must fit that description as much as possible). You do not have to use movie actors/actress for pbs or even examples for pbs if they are not described in canon. (Yes, all Weasleys should have red hair. If you want to change the hair color of an actor/actress for each icon to have your pb of choice you may do so.)

- Time passes in "real time" here. If it's Thursday April 1, 2010 in real life that means it's Thursday April 1, 2000 in game, and the next day would be Friday April 2, 2010 in real life and Friday April 2, 2000 in the game. And so forth. Cookies. Backdated threads by only be posted within two days of it being backdated (for a scene on April 1, it must be posted backdated by April 3.).

- If you need for any reason to postpone posting a scene, whether it be personal or you have to finish another scene in progress before you can play it, we encourage using placeholders. Just post an entry in the community with some information of it being a placeholder and go back and fill it in at a later time.

- If you want to do a solo scene without tagging anyone to express your characters' personal thoughts/feelings/motives, you can use a reflective. It's exactly like a scene without anyone tagging and the word "reflective:" in the title/subject rather than "RP:". Your character should be doing something in the reflective, even if it's small (because of how we write in third person past tense for all posts).

- Open/Public scenes are welcome as well. If you want a random encounter with whomever choices to reply, put your character in a neutral place, have them available in the scene for interaction and go from there. You never know what you'll end up with in an open scene. Sometimes the surprise is more interest and fun than a planned meeting.