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Available Characters

A hold is lasts a week. You are welcome to place a hold on a pb with the character hold if you'd like. One may only get an extension on a hold for three days.

Please remember to check out the information post about canon families in the AU world if a character is part of a family already placed in the game.

All canon sexualities are being enforced. This includes epilogue and interviews from Rowling (Weasley family tree? Yes, that counts. Black family tree? That's both canon and fandom and counts).

No one under the age of 17 in 2002, graduated from Hogwarts, is listed. If you have an idea for them or any other character that is not listed, email the mods before applying. (If the character was said to be a student in the 1990s with no date of graduation, as long as you have been out of school, they are free reign.) If you want to include a character who is underage for a plot or backstory, you may however. You may be NPCing any time they are around or someone can use the NPC journal to do so. Unless approved by the mod, with a plot and reason, there should be no character under the age of 17 with their own journals. And they should be at at Hogwarts during the school year. Not every other character in the books are listed. If you want to apply for someone who is not listed, look up their history, make sure they are indeed available and apply.

Original characters are welcome.

Italics indicates character is on hold. (No challenges are accepted - whether it be holds or applications.).
* indicates an OC created for the AU nature of the game. Their background are found are the information about canon families in the AU world page.
+ indicates information on the entry about canon families in the AU world.
W indicates a character requested on the wanted characters pages. The W is a link to the particular comment with the information on the requested character.
M indicates a character is a muggle.

Abbott, Hannah
Abbott, Mrs.
Aubrey, Bertram
Bagman, Ludovic
Bagman, Otto
Bagnold, Millicent
Belby, Marcus
Belcher, Humphrey
Birch, Brevis
Black, Regulus
Black, Sirius
Black, Tatiana * +
Blenkinsop, Barnabus
Blenkinsop, Timothy
Bletchley (given name unknown)
Bletchley, Miles
Bobbin, Melinda
Bode, Broderick
Bones, Amelia
Bones, Edgar
Bones, Mrs.
Bones, Susan
Boot, Terry
Borgin (given name unknown)
Bradley (given name unknown)
Bulstrode, Millicent
Bundy, K.
Burbage, Charity
Burke, Caractacus
Cadwallader (given name unknown)
Capper, S.
Carmichael, Eddie
Carrow, Alecto
Carrow, Amycus
Chambers (given name unknown)
Chang, Cho
Clearwater, Penelope
Corner, Michael
Crabbe, Mr.
Crabbe, Vincent
Cresswell, Dirk
Crockford, Doris
Crouch, Bartemius (Sr.)
Crouch, Bartemius (Jr.)
Crouch, Mrs.
Davis, Tracey
Davies, Roger
Dawlish, John
Dearborn, Caradoc
Delacour, Apolline
Delacour, Fleur
Delacour, Monsieur (given name unknown)
Derrick (given name unknown)
Diggle, Dedalus
Diggory, Amos
Diggory, Mrs. (given name unknown)
Dingle, Harold
Dolohov, Antonin
Dorny, J.
Duke, Kirley W
Dunstan (given name unknown)
Dursley, Dudley M
Dursley, Petunia M
Dursley, Vernon M
Edgecombe, Madam (given name unknown)
Entwhistle, Kevin
Fawcett, Miss S
Fenwich, Benjy
Filch, Argus
Fannigan, Seamus
Fletcher, Mundungus
Flint, Marcus
Flitwich, Filius
Frobisher, Victoria
Fudge, Cornelius
Gibbon (given name unknown)
Goldstein, Anthony
Goyle (given name unknown)
Goyle, Gregory
Granger, Hermione
Greyback, Fenrir
Grubbly-Plank, Wilhemina
Harper (given name unknown)
Higgs, Terrence
Hooch, Rolanda
Hopkins, Wayne
Johnson, Angelina
Jones, Gwenog
Jones, Hestia
Jones, Megan W +
Jordan, Lee
Jorkins, Berta
Jugson (given name unknown)
Karkaoff, Igor
Krum, Victor
Leanne (surname unknown)
Lestrange, Rabastan +
Lestrange, Rodolphus +
Li, Su
Lockhart, Gilderoy
Longbottom, Alice
Longbottom, Augusta
Longbottom, Frank
Longbottom, Neville
Lovegood, Luna
Lovegood, Xenophilius
Lupin, Remus
MacDonald, Mary
MacDougal, Morag
Macmillan, Ernie
Malfoy, Draco
Malfoy, Lucius
Malfoy, Narcissa
Maxime, Olympe
McCormack, Catriona +
McCormack, Michael * +
McGonagall, Minerva
McKinnon, Marlene
Meadowes, Dorcas
Montague (given name unknown)
Moody, Alastor
Moon (given name unknown)
Mulciber (given name unknown)
Nott, Theodore 
Parkinson, Pansy
Patil, Padma
Patil, Parvati
Perks, Sally-Anne
Pettigrew, Peter
Pince, Irma
Phillips, Cameron * M
Podmore, Sturgis
Pomfrey, Poppy
Potter, Harry +
Potter, James +
Prewett, Fabian
Prewett, Gideon
Proudfoot (given name unknown)
Pucey, Adrian
Quirrell, QuirinusRiddle, Tom
Rookwood, Augustus
Rosier, Evan
Scamander, Rolf
Scrimgeous, Rufus
Selwyn (given name unknown)
Stunpike, Stan
Sinistra, Aurora
Skeeter, Rita
Sloper, Jack
Slughorn, Horace
Snape, Severus
Spinnet, Alicia
Sprout, Pomona
Stebbins (given name unknown)
Stimpson, Patricia
Summerby (given name unknown)
Summers (given name unknown)
Thomas, Dean
Thorfinn, Rowle
Tonks, Nymphadora
Tonks, Ted
Towler, Kenneth
Travers (given name unknown)
Trewlawney, Sibyll
Turpin, Lisa
Umbridge, Dolores
Urquhart (given name unknown)
Vance, Emmeline
Vaisey (given name unknown)
Vane, Romilda
Vector, Septima
Verity (surname unknown)
Warrington (given name unknown)
Weasley, Bill +
Weasley, Charlie +
Weasley, Fred +
Weasley, George +
Weasley, Ginny +
Weasley, Percy +
Weasley, Ron +
Witby, Keven
Wilkes (given name unknown)
Yaxley (given name unknown)Zabini, Blaise
Zeller, Rose